News December, 2021

Tips for navigating the labour shortage

Lori Karpman | Canadian Business Franchise | December 16, 2021 With the economy beginning to bounce back from the pandemic, the challenge is to find competent and qualified staff. Heavily impacted industries such as travel, hospitality, and retail are having the most difficulty with this task. Canada’s unemployment rate reached unprecedented highs during the pandemic. … Continued

Here are the 12 politicians who are overseeing Immigration Canada

Shelby Thevenot | CIC News | December 10th, 2021 The members of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration for the 44th parliamentary session have been chosen. Canada has named the 12 members of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, who will monitor federal policy related to immigration and multiculturalism. The Standing Committee, also … Continued

Achieving Diversity In The Workplace Is Enabling Organizations To Win The War For Talent

Jana Haounji | Entrepreneur | December 6, 2021 Diversity and inclusion in the workplace require leadership commitment, established policies, concrete plans, and middle-management’s buy in. If you ever thought that attracting and retaining talents before the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult, brace yourself- the real war for talent is about to begin. The phrase “war for talent” was … Continued

Ideal workplaces: The future of inclusion in an evolving workplace

Sudhir Chowdhary | Financial Express | December 13, 2021 A vast majority (94%) of business leaders with hybrid workforces believe technology will accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion progress, says an Intel study Over 80% of business leaders in India believe workplace disruptions driven by the pandemic have had a positive impact on diversity, equity, and … Continued

Job growth in Canada exceeded expectations in November

Shelby Thevenot | CIC News | December 4, 2021 Canada added 154,000 jobs in November and unemployment fell to 6%. With employment soaring beyond predictions and unemployment dropping to near pre-pandemic levels, new labour force data suggest that Canada is on its way to a full economic recovery. This past November, Canadian employers added 154,000 … Continued

How skilled newcomers can stave off major career sacrifices when job-seeking

Jelena Zikic and Ute-Christine | Canadian Immigrant | December 9, 2021 Many people experience career interruptions at some point in their lives. But the interruptions that result from immigrating to other countries involve entirely different challenges. The move to a new country requires skilled migrants to make decisions not just about work but also about … Continued

Connecting diversity to employee engagement

HR exec at AstraZeneca discusses company’s evolving initiatives, including a speak-up, listen-up culture By Jeffrey R. Smith Nov 29, 2021 An engaged and inclusive workforce can be key to an organization’s success. Canadian HR Reporter spoke with Gena Restivo, vice-president, HR, communications and sustainability – Canada at AstraZeneca, on the relationship between employee engagement and diversity and inclusion … Continued

If CEOs want to promote diversity, they have to ‘walk the talk’

November 30, 2021 11.17am EST CEOs have to show they’re serious about diversity for their human resources managers to do so. That could involve tying compensation to diversity targets. In the business world, the adage often holds true: the buck stops at the desk of the chief executive officer. That’s the way accountability should work. … Continued

Are employers making progress towards gender equality?

Many women not seeing progress, not feeling motivated to work towards promotion By Jim Wilson Dec 01, 2021 Judging by a recent survey, gender equality in the workplace is still elusive. Just 19 per cent of employed women say a lot of progress has been made over the past 10 years in this regard, says Randstad … Continued