News April, 2016

Essential facts about the census

By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun | On Monday, Statistics Canada will start sending out census letters and packages. One in four households will receive the newly restored long-form census. Here’s what you need to do when you get that letter and why it matters, from Statistics Canada’s Marc Hamel. Q: How do I complete the … Continued

BC-born becoming rarer

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | Gayle Swain often hears how “amazing” it is that not only she, but her parents, were born in the city of Vancouver.

Canada’s long-form census is back for 2016

By Bruce Campion-Smith, Toronto Star | Just a day after taking office, the Liberal government announced Thursday that the mandatory long-form census — axed by the Conservatives in 2010 — will be reinstated for the 2016 census.

Why Muslims are proud Canadians

By Michael Adams and Kathy Bullock, Globe and Mail | On any given day, Canadians might wake up to a range of news related to Muslims in Canada.

Onstage diversity has a social impact

By Marc and Craig Kielburger, the Phoenix Star | As a young theatre student, Lorne Cardinal dreamt of performing Shakespearean plays at Ontario’s internationally renowned Stratford Festival. An older actor chuckled at his ambition. Didn’t Cardinal know indigenous actors like himself never got roles for non-Aboriginal characters?

Immigrant workers rally for better pay at Ontario Food Terminal

By CBC News | A group of predominantly immigrant workers who help unload produce and have set up a picket line outside Toronto’s main food distribution facility are simply trying to receive the same compensation many of their more established counterparts receive, says their union representative.

Vancouver behind in housing Syrian refugees

By Tara Carman, Vancouver Sun | High housing prices have meant Syrian refugees in Metro Vancouver have had a harder time finding permanent housing than those who were settled elsewhere in Canada, with some waiting close to four months.