News November, 2017

Alberta’s workforce reshaped by migration, aging employees

By Metro News | Immigrants and seniors are transforming Alberta’s workforce, mainly due to higher life expectancy and interprovincial migration to Alberta. According to recent data released by Statistics Canada, 28 per cent of Albertans 65 and over are working, compared to 20 per cent nationwide.

Nearly half of recently immigrated kids in B.C. are poor: report

By Katya Slepian, Surrey Now | Almost half of recently immigrated children in Canada live in poverty, says a new report from First Call BC. The organization told reporters Tuesday that 45 per cent of people living in B.C. under 18 years old who had moved to Canada between 2011-2016 were poor.

High migration can suppress wages … in some places, some jobs

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | The boosters of high migration to Canada claim it’s the key to economic salvation. Critics counter that large numbers of immigrants and temporary workers “steal jobs” and reduce the wages of the host population. The truth, it is turning out, is somewhere in the middle.