News December, 2019

5 things we learned about migration in 2019

By Vancouver Sun | Migration continues to shape Canada, which brought in a record 350,000 immigrants in 2019, plus a larger-than-ever number of international students and guest workers.

Adopt-A-School: Surrey’s Wraparound program changes lives

By Vancouver Sun | “If it wasn’t for (Safe Schools) I feel like I’d still be getting into trouble. They have helped me calm down. I was getting into too many fights.” — An at-risk youth who has been helped by the funds made available through the Adopt-A-School program.

Pop culture in 2010s marked gains in diversity, inclusion

By Vancouver Courier | When the family-friendly Hallmark Channel recently pulled, under pressure from a conservative group, a set of ads featuring a kiss between two happy brides at the altar, backlash was swift — to say the least.

Milton sports league a slam dunk for immigrant youth

By CBC News | Running onto the basketball court, high-fiving fans — for a moment, a group of Milton youth are made to feel like basketball stars. But this isn’t the NBA. Instead, it’s a volunteer-run non-profit youth sports league — about a 40-minute drive from Toronto — as a way of helping immigrant families to … Continued

Major companies pledge jobs, education for refugees

By Vancouver Sun | Major companies including Ikea, Lego and Vodafone pledged to do more to help refugees get access to education and employment on Monday, ahead of a global conference aimed at supporting the millions of people forced from their homelands.

Changes in outcomes of immigrants and non-permanent residents, 2017

By Statistics Canada | Immigrants admitted to Canada in 2016 reported a median entry wage of $25,900 in 2017, the highest recorded among immigrants admitted since 1981. Although the entry wages of recent immigrants have increased over the past few years, their income remains lower than that of the overall Canadian population. The Canadian Income Survey estimated the Canadian population’s … Continued