News October, 2019

Spotlight on immigrant voices at TIFF 2019

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine | From veteran directors to first-time feature filmmakers, immigrants continued to tell compelling stories at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that was held from September 5-15, 2019. Canadian Immigrant spotlights a few these talented voices who brought their own newcomer experiences to the big screen this year.

Creating new worlds: Interview with novelist and playwright Anosh Irani

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine | Novelist and playwright Anosh Irani comes from a family of Iranian descent in Mumbai, India, and moved to Vancouver in 1998 as a student to pursue his Master’s degree in Creative Writing. He has published critically acclaimed and award-winning novels including: The Cripple and His Talismans, The Song of Kahunsha, Dahanu Road and The Parcel. 

Supporting immigrants’ mental health

By Canadian HR Reporter | Today is World Mental Health Day, when global efforts are made to raise awareness about mental health issues in all areas of life. Our workplaces have a major impact on our mental wellbeing, and for immigrants who may be in Canada without a strong social support system, experiences at work … Continued

Vancouver neighbourhoods need more refugees

By Vancouver Sun | Twenty years ago, refugee claimant families who moved from Kinbrace could afford to rent in East Vancouver. In the last two years these families have been moving as far as Port Moody, Richmond, Coquitlam, and Aldergrove.

Entrepreneur and Small Business Fair in Surrey, BC

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine | The fourth annual DIVERSEcity Entrepreneur & Small Business Fair is being held during Small Business Week, on Wednesday evening, October 23 at Surrey City Hall, BC. This is a great starting point for not only newcomers, but any  emerging or new entrepreneur looking for information and inspiration to succeed.