News September, 2021

DEI – HR jargon or meaningful strategy?

By Emily Douglas | HR Reporter | September 14, 2021 All too often employers roll out DEI programs without fully understanding the metrics behind them. And while this may satisfy the HR checklist – it’s hardly conducive to real change. HRD spoke Dr Alex Lovell, director, research & data science at O.C. Tanner – one of … Continued

Racism and the need for a national integration commission

By Andrew Griffith | Policy Options | August 12, 2021 We need to break down the silos among Canadians by doing an in-depth and independent enquiry that addresses the discomfort behind diversity. Protests by communities affected by prejudice, discrimination and racism appear to be on the rise, as evidenced by the Black Lives Matter, and … Continued

Gain skills and connections in Canada by joining free programs

If you’re an immigrant, refugee or other diverse community member, including Canadian citizens and temporary residents, in Surrey, Delta, White Rock and surrounding areas, DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society has free workshops and programs to help you build the life you want in Canada. Attend free workshops, learn new skills, get mental health support and meet … Continued

Workplaces can no longer afford to ignore employee well-being

By Jennifer Moss | CBC News | July 20, 2021 The early days of the pandemic caused a major disruption in how we work and those ripple effects are still being felt today. Multiple surveys continue to warn of a mass departure across the Canadian workforce. According to one survey by the Canadian Centre for … Continued

How To Build Diversity In Your Business

By Morgan Brown, President and Co-Founder of Oakwyn Realty | Forbes | August 17, 2021 When building a company, you must decide the core values that represent your brand. For myself, that meant sitting down and evaluating my experiences so that I could bring something transformative to the industry. As a young woman from a minority … Continued

As workers retire or quit, demand for skilled immigrants booms in Canada

By Colin Singer |  Canada Immigration News | August 13, 2021 A senior economist says the demand for immigrants to fill jobs is expected to skyrocket this year as companies resume operations and their employees start retiring and quitting their jobs in much greater numbers than they did last year. In his latest report, Will … Continued

Being more than diverse: How to be inclusive of immigrant hires in the workplace

By Aneela Zaibm,  CEO and founder of EmergiTEL | | June 16, 2021 Many businesses aim to be diverse employers, but are they inclusive? It’s important to practice both diversity and inclusion in order to help your employees thrive in your workplace. Diversity is a fact; inclusion is a practice. Diversity refers to the makeup of one’s … Continued

New Alternative Recognition of Credentials project for construction industry

The Construction Foundation of BC has launched a new project called ARC (Alternative Recognition of Credentials). The ARC initiative offers skilled immigrants and newcomers an accelerated foreign credential assessment for previous electrical and welding trade experience gained outside of Canada.  The process includes mapping experience and training to BC jobs, trades certification, and regulatory structures. Participants … Continued

Diversity and inclusion in Canadian workplaces

By Johnny Zhang and Radhika Panjwani | Canadian Immigrant magazine | August 19, 2021 Conversations about the diversity and inclusion in the workplace have become more mainstream, given the shift in Canada’s demographics. With the number of immigrants steadily increasing every year, these conversations have become even more critical. Diversity in the workplace refers to … Continued