News July, 2019

Newcomers make our communities stronger

By Voice | EARLIER this month, I visited Welcome House, a place of refuge for people who are new to B.C. Welcome House provides housing, child care, a medical clinic, free English classes, and support for people who have experienced trauma, all under one roof.

Texting tool transforms services for newcomers

By ISSofBC | A new web-based text messaging tool developed by ISSofBC and the Vancouver Community Networkoffers real-time information sharing with refugees and immigrants via cell phone to help ease the transition newcomers face as they navigate services in their new communities.

Immigrant careers should match their skill level

By Toronto Star | The issue of the unemployment rate of educated newcomers to Canada in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) — currently twice of those with a similar background born in Canada — often overshadows another challenge for immigrants: underemployment. In the GTA, 1-in-2 newcomer men and 2-in-3 newcomer women with a bachelor’s degree … Continued

Queer Syrian refugees find freedom and hope in Canada

By City News 1130 | It’s not the language, the culture or weather that is hardest to adapt to. For newly arrived Syrian refugees in British Columbia, who are queer, it’s the absence of fear and hatred toward their very existence.

Abbotsford job program participants Dress for Success

By Abbotsford News A group of women recently hopped in a car in Abbotsford and headed to Vancouver to go “shopping.” What made this excursion unique for Karen, Jamie, Shelby and Robyn was that they each came home with an outfit that didn’t cost them a dime.

Premiers Committed to Enhancing Skills Development and Immigration

Supporting effective labour mobility and foreign qualification recognition processes, ensuring workers can access needed skills and training, and building an inclusive and diverse labour market are essential to growing Canada’s economy and creating jobs.  Premiers are committed to ongoing progress in these areas.