News July, 2021

15 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

By Social Chorus | July 14, 2021 A substantial diversity and inclusion strategy can help organizations attain top talent, driving innovative outcomes. Promoting and improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a crucial initiative that many companies are now taking. Aside from being simply the right thing to do, savvy executives understand the many … Continued

IEC-BC, in partnership with Microsoft Canada, to Train 700 New Canadians in 2021

As immigration restarts, newcomers will need resources and tools to help them integrate into the Canadian labour market. Developing solutions to the underemployment of skilled immigrants is a strategy to assist Canada’s economic recovery. According to a 2019 report by RBC, the devaluation of foreign credentials and labour market experience by employer’s costs Canada $50 billion, … Continued

#BCJobConnect: A Key Resource for Advancing Employer Diversity and Inclusion in BC

By IEC-BC | June 30, 2021 British Columbia’s economy is gradually reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic and local employers are looking to strengthen their business by investing in immigrant talent. The Immigrant Employment Council of BC’s job matching platform, BC JobConnect, is helping businesses identify and connect with qualified newcomer professionals with the click of a … Continued

Give an #EqualChance to internationally trained doctors

By Canadian Immigrant | June 30, 2021 The #EqualChance campaign draws a spotlight on the existing barriers faced by internationally trained medical doctors in Canada and invites Canadians to take action. Launched by the Institute of Canadian Citizenship in May 2021, the Campaign calls for changes to the pathway to practicing medicine in Canada. There … Continued

10 dos and don’ts of a video resume

By Murali Murthy, Canadian Immigrant | July 16, 2021 Any job that’s advertised today easily attracts 250 resumes or more. In such a competitive environment, how do you stand out from the rest, attract attention and make your mark? One of the ways to achieve this is by creating a video resume. Yes, you can … Continued

Five Job Search Tips for Newcomers to Canada

By Vancouver Public Library’s Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre @ New to BC | July 12, 2021 Finding meaningful employment is often a top priority for newcomers who have recently arrived in Canada. Though looking for a job can be challenging, there are many strategies, resources and community supports that can help newcomers find the job they … Continued

Pay Equity Act will come into force on August 31, 2021, in Canada

By Employment and Social Development Canada | July 7, 2021 The implementation of the Pay Equity Act is an important part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to close the gender wage gap and ensure that workers receive equal pay for work of equal value. It will put into place long-term, sustainable changes that will ensure that women’s work … Continued