More diverse CEOs critical for Canada’s economic growth, says federal Small Business Minister

posted on July 18, 2021

By Diversio | June 21, 2021

Minister of Small Business Mary Ng delivered a call to action to Canadian business executives that more diversity at the top is key to Canada’s economic success.

“Building a more inclusive economy is not only the right thing to do — it’s what’s best for our economy. The evidence is clear: companies that are diverse at the board and executive level outperform their peers,” said Ng.

Minister Ng delivered the keynote address at an event co-hosted by Diversio, an AI-powered platform helping uncover diversity gaps and systemic biases in the workplace, which was attended by leading Canadian business executives. After her remarks, leaders from the international business community participated in a panel discussion with Minister Ng to discuss how women, racialized and Indigenous people can overcome and erode systemic barriers to equality in the corporate world.

Business executives highlighted the systemic challenges facing women and racialized individuals at the corporate level and call on the Canadian private and public sectors to take concrete, metrics-based action to rectify these issues.

Platforms like Diversio, which use technology to uncover diversity gaps and systemic biases in the workplace, should be employed to assess equality at the executive level of business.

“We see women time and again outperforming in executive operating roles. We need to identify what is holding back women and people of colour and treat this issue as a systemic one, like you would with any other business issue. Metrics can and should be tracked to help rectify inequalities,” said Laura McGee, CEO and co-founder of Diversio.

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