Thousands of talented people immigrate to BC every year. Are you an employer? These internationally trained and experienced workers bring a vast array of skills, experiences, ideas and perspectives, and an understanding of the needs of our growing and diverse immigrant communities in Metro Vancouver, Surrey and beyond. Get in the Know provides the tools, strategies and resources needed to access, recruit and hire from this ever-growing pool of talent and experience. Download the 2023 updated handbook below!


Are you a skilled immigrant? Get in the Know offers you the information you need to navigate the labour market and connect with these hiring employers.

About Get in the Know

Surrey is one of the country’s fastest growing and one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada. This growth and diversity is creating huge social and economic opportunities.


Get in the Know resources are designed to make sure local businesses, community stakeholders and newcomers can effectively work within their changing communities.

About DIVERSEcity

DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society, a registered charity with a 44-year history in Surrey, BC, helps newcomers and other diverse communities build the life they want through programs and services in settlement, language, employment, community engagement, mental health and violence prevention.

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Recruiting & Hiring

Employers stand to benefit greatly by bringing more new immigrants into their workplace. Explore resources to find out about the labour market, and how to build recruitment and retention strategies.

  • Understanding the labour force
  • Preparing for demographic changes in the workplace
  • Getting started
  • Advertising the job
  • Screening applicants
  • Interviewing and assessing
  • Reference checking
  • Offering the job

Preparing the Workplace

Creating and maintaining a culturally diverse workforce is easiest when you have the right tips, strategies and research.

  • Developing policies on cultural diversity and anti-racism
  • Providing training for managers, supervisors and workers
  • Identifying and sharing information about cultural diversity within your organization
  • Promoting your organization’s commitment to cultural diversity
  • Developing and upgrading skills
  • Career planning and advancement
  • Celebrating diversity