News March, 2022

How to gain the competitive edge you need to succeed

By Canadian Immigrant magazine Some sectors in Canada, like marketing, visual design and other creative fields, can be highly competitive. This makes it very important to set yourself — and your skills — apart. There are abundant opportunities in the Canadian labour market right now. But not all industries are created equal. Some sectors are … Continued

New grant program for credentialing in BC

By Kshama Ranawana | Immigrant Muse When DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society, an agency based in BC, began its newest program, a grant to assist newcomers, it targeted women. Launched in November 2021, the grant is designed to to assist women in recertifying, completing qualifying examinations or evaluating  their credentials so they can continue working in … Continued

Canada’s broken system punishes high-skilled immigrants

By Daphne Bramham | Vancouver Sun Opinion: It’s anathema to Canada’s fast-tracking of high skilled immigrants that their progress quickly stalls when they try to get licensed. Early last Friday, Mariam Tariq, a couple of friends in Toronto and her mother in Pakistan were ready at their computers waiting for the moment that registration opened … Continued

To retain immigrants, decision-makers must address systemic failures

By Alec Regino | New Canadian Media via Surrey Now Leader It’s high-time to recognize that it’s not so much Canada doing a favour for immigrants, but rather immigrants who are crucial to Canada’s labour market, according to a settlement advocate speaking at the 24th Metropolis Canada Conference on March 24. “Immigration is predominantly driven … Continued