News January, 2022

How to hire immigrants for jobs in Canada

Learn about the process for hiring foreign employees to work in Canada. By Shelby Thevenot | CIC News | December 30, 2021 Every year, Canadian employers fill hundreds of thousands of jobs with foreign workers. If you want to hire foreign talent, the first step is to determine if you need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). … Continued

If immigrants are fit, willing and able, let’s certify them

Employing skilled immigrants to fill gaps will be key to Canada’s post-COVID recovery By Claudia Hepburn,  Special to Financial Post | January 5, 2022 Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, many of them highly skilled, choose to make Canada their home. Far too often, however, skilled newcomers struggle to find work in their professions. … Continued

Tips to maximize your experience as a mentee

Canadian Immigrant | January 7, 2022 The challenges new immigrants face finding a job are many: language, culture, lack of connections — and that terrible phrase used in interviews “very impressive qualifications and experience, but you have no Canadian experience.” So, what can you do to minimize your lack of “Canadian experience?” How can you … Continued

New immigrants in Canada are earning more money. Here’s who makes the most

ET Online | January 05, 2022 Newly minted permanent residents of Canada are earning more than their predecessors, according to a Statistics Canada study. The study has shown that the median pay for immigrants who became permanent residents earned a total of CA$31,900 in 2019, which is the highest amount recorded among all groups of … Continued