News November, 2017

Census gives us data to address pressing issues

By Vancouver Sun | The census data Statistics Canada didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know but it put some hard numbers on the anecdotal evidence that has been building over the last few years.

Underemployment and Low Wages Continue to Burden Immigrants

By Rachel Snders, The Tyee | Vicken Majarian worked as a dentist in Aleppo, Syria. He and his family stayed for years after the war began, living without electricity or running water, with the constant fear of death. In December 2015, Majarian, his wife and their two children had the chance to move to Vancouver … Continued

Immigration cuts not seen as racist by most, global survey shows

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | Racism. Immigration. Few topics can combine to ignite such anger, contempt and division. It was not always this way. The belief that it is racist to want to reduce immigration has only been a significant viewpoint since the 1960s for some in the West. It’s still not a common … Continued

SUCCESS effort celebrates a million warm welcomes to YVR

By Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun | Before arriving in Vancouver from Zimbabwe, Remy Kasongo Mutambayi’s impression of the Canadian border experience came from episodes of the law-enforcement reality show Border Security. “We had seen how tough it is to be in Canada at the border,” he said. “We were a little bit worried, a little … Continued

Can Canadians learn from world’s largest Muslim country?

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun | When Canadians think about the Islamic world, they tend to focus on quasi-dictatorships in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran. But the world’s most populous Muslim nation is actually Indonesia. This equatorial Southeast Asian country is home to 260 million people, 87 per cent of whom … Continued