Ideal workplaces: The future of inclusion in an evolving workplace

posted on December 12, 2021

| Financial Express | December 13, 2021

A vast majority (94%) of business leaders with hybrid workforces believe technology will accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion progress, says an Intel study

Over 80% of business leaders in India believe workplace disruptions driven by the pandemic have had a positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in their organisation, according to a new survey commissioned by Intel. Of these, 66% indicated remote working and digitalisation made it easier to recruit employees from underrepresented groups; 57% said the digital transformation during the pandemic encouraged the adoption of new inclusion tools; and 55% noted that a hybrid workforce enables companies to provide a wider variety of DE&I initiatives.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of Intel’s business, purpose and culture, and technology is the driving force that binds them together. This survey sheds light on the fact that with the right mindset and a culture that promotes employee wellbeing and technology, we can accelerate the journey toward a more diverse and inclusive workforce,” said Anjali Rao, senior director – HR, Intel India. “As organisations plan for the next phase of work—whether remote, in-person, or hybrid—leaders need to continue thinking differently about DE&I. Intel is committed to driving inclusion within our organisation, as well as in the industry.”

The survey found that supporting DE&I through technology will be crucial for future success. Around 94% of business leaders with hybrid forces in India believe technology will make achieving DE&I goals easier and 73% say technology will improve DE&I hiring initiatives. Over half (51%) of respondents said exploring how technology may help bolster their DE&I commitments is one of their top three priorities in the next 12 months.

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