Workplace culture’s critical role in the new normal

posted on June 10, 2020

By Forbes
Amanda Hill, CEO of Three Box, a strategic communications, marketing and PR agency.

Workplace culture: In many ways, it’s the driving force behind a company’s performance. That’s why countless organizations, big and small, invest their time, energy and resources on building a culture that embraces diversity, inspires innovation and enables employees’ voices to be heard. Workplace culture is not only a business imperative; it’s also critical to future success.

From core values and performance competencies to rewards, recognition programs and innovation, workplace cultures are established over time. When healthy and vibrant, they’re the anchors that keep organizations steady during a storm. When ignored, they can — and will — crash into a rocky shore.

Recent events with the coronavirus outbreak and Black Lives Matter movement have changed everything. Yet, business leaders have a unique opportunity to take a step back, evaluate their organization’s culture and pivot where necessary to build a stronger, more sustainable workplace.

Simply put, communication must be at the heart of workplace culture. But where does it start? And how far should it go in a time of disruption? Here are four recommendations for using communication to strengthen and support workplace culture amidst significant change.

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