Workplace Bias Is In The Hot Seat – How To Use Tech To Eliminate It

posted on October 16, 2020

October 14, 2020

By Pathmal Gunawardana, Aithority

Workplace bias is a real thing for us. The future of work is officially here – brought on by the immediacy of a pandemic, nurtured over the past seven months of remote work. But changes in the workplace have been in the works for a while now, thanks to a new wave of employees reshaping work culture.

Millennials’ influence on the workplace is very employee-centric, and topics like company culture, reducing bias, and creating an inclusive environment are commonplace in HR departments now. Business priorities must shift accordingly to match employees’ heightened expectations, and these changes need to happen in tandem with the shift to remote work. Technology can help make both transitions seamless.

But as well-meaning as organizations are, many could use a boost from technology like artificial intelligence to help them effect change without letting workplace bias to seep in. Here’s how different kinds of emerging technologies can help reduce workplace bias and build a strong culture in any organization.

Using AI to Your Advantage

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce starts with people, and as companies scale, they need to focus more on hiring employees that contribute diverse points of view. An AI hiring system can help achieve this goal by analyzing attrition patterns to identify changes that should be implemented to refine the hiring process. In this case, AI can help enhance the hiring department’s collaborative intelligence, in which humans and AI complement each other’s strengths. Combining people’s aptitude in leadership and creativity with machines’ speed and analytical prowess could help a company move the needle on its D&I goals, without burdening teams with endless administrative tasks.

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