Victoria group to lead anti-racism program amid recent attacks during pandemic

posted on May 5, 2020

By CBC News |

The Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society has been tapped by the province to help communities deal with hate activity and racism amid what the B.C. government describes as a rise in attacks against people of Asian heritage.

The organization was founded by three former refugees in 1989.

Executive director David Lau said the group “is very proud to lead the important work being done in B.C. communities to stop the spread of racism and end the recent spikes in hate crimes.”

The society has been given $240,000 for the year. The group hopes to meet with community leaders from around the province.

B.C.’s Minister of Citizens’ Services Anne Kang said recent allegations of racially motivated attacks toward people of Asian heritage during the COVID 19 pandemic have been very concerning.

“These incidents are completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said Kang in a news release.

Last month, the Vancouver Police Department investigated at least two apparently racially motivated crimes targeting people of East Asian descent —one involving an elderly man who was pushed to the ground and another involving graffiti outside the Chinese Cultural Centre.

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