Vancouver ranks among world’s top cities for managing post COVID-19 economy

posted on May 25, 2020

By Vancouver Is Awesome |

Vancouver ranks in the middle of a list of the top 100 cities in the world for managing the post COVID-19 economy.

FutureLearn, an online distance learning platform, determined a list of 100 cities around the globe which are renowned for their economic, educational, and aspirational opportunities. From there, it collected data relating, “to pre-coronavirus GDP growth rate, as well as the number of new startups, to illustrate if a city is a hub for innovation.”

Each city was analyzed against 15 factors relating to economics, governmental policies, quality of life, and gender equality. To select the cities for the study, OECD nations were analyzed according to their available business infrastructure statistics, as well as those cities which are considered popular for economic, educational, or aspirations opportunities, in order to determine a final list of 100 cities.

The company adds that it, “looked at the government’s response to COVID-19 in terms of the support offered to businesses, such as loans and financial help (to both individuals and companies) and plans set in place to help ailing industries.”

FutureLearn also polled people across the globe to see how they felt their respective governments responded to the crisis, as well as how it affected their employment status.

The ranking also includes statistics on the gender wage gap, gender equality and legislation, and women’s opportunities for career progression.

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