Understand before you land: Decoding Canada’s mobile landscape

posted on August 15, 2018

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine |

Are you geared up and ready for your exciting move to Canada? A new life, home, friends and culture eagerly await your arrival. However, we know that a milestone this big comes with a huge amount of planning too; from accommodation to work, and everything in between. That is why we wanted the process of choosing a mobile phone service in Canada to be something you don’t have to worry about.

Here’s all you need to make an informed choice:

LTE Network
LTE is a fast and widely used data network in Canada. If you want fast data speeds, you should definitely choose a provider and a phone that works on this network. It’s a great option for heavy data usage.

Providers + phones
In Canada, mobile network providers offer both plans and phones. You can get the latest mobile phones at great rates with the purchase of a mobile plan, but you typically need to sign a contract depending on the provider. Some mobile providers also give you the option to use your own phone if your phone is compatible with their network, and you may receive discounts on your monthly plans.

Prepaid vs postpaid
If you want to pay in advance and have your service fees deducted at the start of the month, then prepaid is your option. If you’d prefer to get a bill at the end of your service every month then go with a postpaid plan.

Mobile phone plans
The two main service components of a mobile phone plan in Canada are voice and data. As far as additional features go, they differ from plan to plan. Some offer unlimited local calling and texting while others offer international calling or global texting at affordable rates. Get a plan that gives you what you need based on your usage requirements.

We hope this makes it simple to select a mobile phone service in Canada and wish you the best on your bright new beginning.

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