Tories drop ban on criminal employers hiring foreign workers – By Lee-Anne Goodman, the Canadian Press

posted on January 3, 2014

By Lee-Anne Goodman, the Canadian Press | Link to Article

By Lee-Anne Goodman, the Canadian Press | Link to Article

Tough new regulations aimed at quelling fears that foreigners are snatching jobs from Canadians kicked in on Tuesday, empowering government officials to conduct workplace inspections without warrants and to blacklist employers who break the rules.

The regulations also allow government officials to interview foreign workers about their working conditions and to demand documentation from employers proving they’ve complied with the federal Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The feds can conduct their workplace inspections for a period of six years, dated from the first day of employment of a foreign worker. Work permits will be revoked if an employer is discovered to have provided false information that “is having or will have a significant negative effect on the labour market in Canada,” the rules stipulate.

It’s all apparently designed to reassure Canadians that foreign workers are not swiping their jobs following last spring’s furor over laid-off workers at RBC being ordered to train their replacements, including those who came to Canada on temporary work permits.

A B.C. mining company also was in hot water for hiring more than 200 Chinese workers after an ad seeking Mandarin-speakers failed to attract Canadian applicants.

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