They come from around the world for a better life in Canada. How are they faring in the job market?

posted on December 6, 2019

By Toronto Star

Having a doctoral degree earned outside of Canada and lengthy international work experience can be impediments for skilled immigrants in landing jobs here, says a new study examining the key factors affecting newcomers’ employment rates.

The survey of 6,402 skilled immigrants found 80 per cent of respondents were employed, most in permanent jobs, but only 39.1 per cent had positions with duties similar to what they had before immigration. Those with previous Canadian work experience were 2.4 times more likely to be employed than those without.

Only 71.5 per cent of foreign doctorate-degree holders had a job compared to 85.9 per cent of their peers with a diploma and 82.1 per cent of those with a bachelor’s degree, according to the report by the World Education Services, a non-profit organization that evaluates and advocates for the recognition of international education credentials.

Skilled immigrants with more than 15 years of international work experience had a 72.1 per cent employment rate, more than 10 per cent lower than their counterparts who had less than five years under their belt.

“Canada is recruiting skilled immigrants, yet losing out when the labour market does not leverage what they bring,” said the report, “Who is Succeeding in the Canadian Labour Market?” released on Wednesday.

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