Ten always-in-demand skills to take your career forward

posted on April 27, 2021

April 13, 2021

By Murali Murthy, Canadian Immigrant

Today’s global workplace is constantly evolving, constantly in a state of flux. In the 21st century, employers are looking for professionals who are more aware, can analyze an issue from every angle and make smart decisions.

Especially with the effects of the pandemic, businesses in every industry are looking for key players. Individuals with a positive attitude who can also bring in fresh ideas and practices.

This means, the skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce will differ substantially from those of even a year back. As a job candidate, you are expected to bring a diverse range of transferable skills to have an edge in a competitive market.

Check out 10 skills that candidates need to be aware of that employers are paying close attention to while hiring new candidates.

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