Tech, marketing firms make the business case for diversity

posted on January 13, 2021

January 5, 2021

By Tyler Orton, Business in Vancouver

Tammy Tsang and her fellow co-founder had two years of prep ahead of them leading up to the spring 2020 launch of their marketing agency, one aimed at targeting demographics too often overlooked or marginalized in most marketing and communications campaigns in Canada.

“What we were doing was actually collaborating and learning from DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion] experts at that time, and we didn’t want to launch until we felt our internal team were experts,” said the brand value strategist at AndHumanity (a subsidiary of My Loud Speaker Peer to Peer Marketing Corp., which Tsang also co-founded).

“It was coincidental that we had launched exactly the same weekend Black Lives Matter [BLM] campaigns started to take off or go viral on social media.”
Over the spring and summer, the BLM movement ignited a sense of awareness over institutional racism facing racialized and marginalized communities that had frequently been disregarded.

Since then, Tsang said organizations have been tapping her firm’s expertise in DEI as they’re walked through inclusion audits and gaps in services, while messaging is translated into different languages and underrepresented groups are prioritized for more effective communication campaigns.

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