Should recognition and D&I be linked?

posted on June 8, 2021

June 1, 2021

By John Dujay, Canadian HR Reporter

When companies integrate both employee appreciation and diversity and inclusion (D&I), good things happen, especially to the bottom line, according to a new study.

At organizations with a recognition programs that includes a D&I component, 55 per cent of employees are highly engaged compared to businesses that don’t combine the two areas, where only 17 per cent of workers report feeling highly motivated.

The study — jointly conducted by employee recognition company Achievers and Workplace Intelligence, an HR research and advisory business in Boston — heard from 2,000 HR leaders in the U.S. between March 9 and March 22.

“Where companies promote both diversity, inclusion and recognition, employees are highly engaged, companies are more likely to be financially successful. It has all these positive outcomes when you have both working together,” says Dan Schawbel, managing partner at Workplace Intelligence.

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