Nova Scotia festival bans group with controversial views on immigration

posted on May 28, 2018

By Alexander Quon |

The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival has apologized after it let an anti-immigration organization take part in the festival’s parade on Saturday. Festival organizers banned the group from participating in the festival in the future.

“We apologize to anyone who may have felt unsafe at the Grand Street Parade because of this political party’s attendance and derogatory messaging,” organizers of the week-long festival in Kentville, N.S., said in a statement released on Sunday.

The National Citizens Alliance (NCA) is a political organization that is not an officially registered part but has committed to running candidates in the 2019 federal election. The group marched in the parade while carrying a banner with the slogan, “Save Our Canada!”

“We need to protect Canada’s cultural identity,” said Stephen Garvey, the leader of the NCA, in a Facebook Live video that was made during the parade.

National Citizens Alliance
The NCA, which is headquartered out of Calgary, Alta., says they stand up for “Canada’s traditional identity, heritage [and] culture.”

Among the group’s core tenants is the goal of implementing a “strong no nonsense immigration policy that puts the well-being and safety of the Canadian people first and implementing a temporary pause and substantial reduction in immigration.”

Other planks in the NCA’s proposed platform include the”integration” of new arrivals into the “basic cultural norms of Canada” and a belief that political correctness threatens Canada’s identity and culture.

The party’s website displays statements that are anti-Islam, including a belief that the burka or niqab is not part of Canada’s cultural norms and a claim that there are “no-go zones” and immigrant ghettos in Europe.

The idea of no-go zones holds that there are lawless Islamist neighbourhoods in Europe where Sharia law is imposed, and non-Muslims aren’t permitted.

Apology issued
The Apple Blossom Festival says that political parties are allowed to participate in the parade but are not allowed to use them to announce their political views.

Organizers said that the NCA did not indicate on its festival application that it was “representing or aligned with a group with such malicious viewpoints.”

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