New business incubator for intercultural women gives creatives a whole new perspective

posted on March 25, 2021

March 11, 2021


Artist Chloe Greenberg’s journey to Canada begins in Peru at an orphanage at just two weeks old. It is there where Chloe’s parents, who had travelled all the way from Canada, chose her and brought her home.

Growing up, art was a constant in Chloe’s life. Her mom, an artist herself, made sure to immerse Chloe in all types of art classes. Chloe’s artistic avenues include oil pastel, acrylic paint, watercolour paint and more. As she got older, Chloe wanted to keep her artistic side alive but was unsure if it could also be her career. As a compromise, she became a graphic designer. “I thought that the only real way to be both creative and profitable was to be a graphic designer. I never really knew I could make art into a career,” says Chloe.

One day, she read an email about having designs printed on materials and other surfaces. “I started to see the world in a different way,” Chloe says. “Even something as small as a polka dot on a pillow was designed by someone. This changed everything.”

Not long after that, Chloe’s journey took her to Europe to take a course on textile design. “It was everything I wanted to know about. I remember there was a big conference in Paris and that is where I was truly able to discover the world of textile design,” Chloe says. “You can take anything, a watercolour painting or an image and create a repeated pattern that can then be put on fashion or home décor. That really opened my eyes to what was possible.”

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