Members of Saskatoon’s Iranian community helping those in self-isolation

posted on March 20, 2020

By CBC News |

As people across Canada flood grocery stores to buy supplies for themselves, some members of Saskatoon’s Iranian community are facing the crowds — not for their own supplies, but for others.

Wearing rubber gloves, Mary Akhgar and Bijan Arab stroll through the aisles of a Saskatoon Superstore picking up bananas, apples and an assortment of other groceries.

They’re working off lists that were sent to them by newcomers from Iran, who are currently in self-isolation at the order of the government of Canada.

“They literally just landed and I remember as an immigrant, when we first moved to Canada, we didn’t really have any friends or family to rely on,” Akhgar said. “But because of social media, I feel like we’re all more connected and we can help each other out.”

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