Immigrant Experience in Canada Revealed in New Book

posted on October 23, 2014

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As a South Asian living in Canada, Abdur Rahim has observed the significant contribution the immigrant population has made to the Canadian mosaic. In his recently released book, “Canadian Immigration and South Asian Immigrants” (published by Xlibris), he not only talks about these contributions, he sheds light on the challenges and struggles that are an inevitable part of the immigrant experience.

Rahim’s book is a compelling synthesis of South Asian immigrants in Canada, the painful settlement process and insurmountable thriving challenges they faced. The book also provides a brief review of Canadian immigration and its policies over the years since WWI. The conditions, struggles and challenges, aspirations, prospects and achievements of the second generation Canadian youths of South Asian origin have been discussed with special emphasis.

“Being a visible minority in Canada, I was interested to learn about the experiences and challenges faced by ethnic minorities, particularly about their struggles to thrive in Canada,” Rahim says, “The writing of the book took root in my mind since I arrived in Canada.”

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