Employers embracing diversity, but more work to be done

posted on December 10, 2020

November 23, 2020

By Blake Wolfe, Benefits Canada

As more companies integrate diversity, equality and inclusion strategies into their workplaces, listening and leadership are among the keys to a successful program, according to a webinar hosted by Mercer Canada on Thursday.

The company held a series of special listening sessions for staff following the deaths of Black civilians during police encounters in the U.S., said Jaqui Parchment, chief executive officer at Mercer Canada, noting the sessions revealed a “huge gap in understanding” among some staff and emphasized the importance of listening to how these events have affected the workforce.

“I know there’s many caring individuals who aren’t part of the Black community who want to share their thoughts about how they’re not part of the issues that we’re seeing today. But it’s really important to pause and just hear. Otherwise, you won’t learn as much and you risk turning off the people you’re trying to engage.”

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