Employees’ workplace priorities: Safety, security and personal values top money and titles

posted on October 22, 2020

October 22, 2020

By Alan Goforth, Benefits Pro

The volatile year of 2020 has caused American workers to reevaluate what they want from their employers. Many employees are putting their safety, security and personal values over money and titles, according to the Worker Value Survey conducted by WorldatWork.

“There has been a reckoning,” said Scott Cawood, CEO of WorldatWork. “The American Dream — bigger title, more pay — has been pushed aside and replaced with, ‘I want what I do to have meaning; to have a job that makes an impact; and a safe environment that values me as a whole person.”

The study of more than 5,400 working professionals uncovered significant workplace shifts and reflects the impact of COVID-19 lockdowns and social justice protests. Employees value safety more than money and want to align with leaders who take a clear stance on issues in which they believe.

According to the survey, employees say:

  • They are seeking greater work/life balance, even if it means less money and a lower title. Forty-two percent of respondents would take 30% less pay and a lower title to work from home and have a more balanced work schedule. One-third (33%) of men and almost half (47%) of women said they’d make this trade.

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