David Wong presentation to explore tackling racism through graphic art

posted on February 25, 2019

By Revelstoke Review |

Renowned Vancouver-based author and architect David Wong will discuss racism and diversity at two Mar. 5/6 presentations in Revelstoke.

Wong is the author of Escape to Gold Mountain, a graphic novel that explored the history of Chinese immigration to Canada and the U.S. over the past century. The immigration experience was fraught with sadness and indignity. Newcomers encountered discrimination, subjugation and were separated from loved ones. The graphic novel explores topics such as the head tax in Canada, and the 1885 Chinese Immigration Act, which was designed to discourage Chinese immigrants.

His Mar. 5/6 presentations in Revelstoke will explore the sensitive topics of racism and diversity, and how it has shaped what Canada is today. Along with the audience, Wong will discuss the benefits of diversity, and explore using the graphic novel as a powerful educational tool.

Escape to Gold Mountain is the first graphic novel to tell their story. It is based on historical documents and interviews with elders, presenting a vivid history of the Chinese in their search for “Gold Mountain” (the Chinese colloquialism for North America) as seen through the eyes of the Wong family. They traverse the challenges of eking out an existence in their adopted homeland with hope and determination, creating a poignant immigrant’s legacy for their sons and daughters.

Trained as a biologist, he continues his love for nature with his efforts to save frogs around the world. He was named by the Vancouver Sun newspaper as one of British Columbia’s “100 influential Chinese-Canadians,” and as one of Vancouver’s “Leading Lights in Green Design.”

Currently he serves on the province’s Multicultural Advisory Committee. An advocate of the arts and culture, David has helped found a number of community organizations, including Ricepaper Magazine, Chief Dan George Centre for Indigenous Studies, Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC, and Asian Canadian Writers Workshop.

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