Conversations That Matter: Canada needs immigrants

posted on October 14, 2022

Stu McNish  •  Vancouver Sun

Even with uncertain economic conditions ahead, Canada’s labour market is still hot, unemployment is running at 4.9 per cent, which is, in essence, full employment. There are more than one million job vacancies across the country. Some sectors, like health care and social services, are experiencing vacancies and demand for workers climb ever higher.

The Immigrant Employment Council of B.C. develops and promotes solutions for B.C. employers to attract, hire and retain immigrant talent that can meet current and future labour force needs. Its employer-focused resources and programs help businesses of all sizes and sectors across B.C. integrate skilled immigrants into workplaces.

The CEO of the Immigrant Employment Council of B.C., Patrick MacKenzie, recently attended the Transatlantic Council on Migration in Berlin. The Council is a high-level body of elected and public service leaders that examine vital policy issues and then seeks to influence migration policy-making processes across Europe, North America, and Australia.

With Canada on track to bring in a record number of immigrants in 2022, MacKenzie says, “It’s worth asking whether non-humanitarian admissions reflect employer and sector needs, whether immigrants will be set up for success if economic conditions worsen, and how we can make B.C. the number 1 destination for the talent we need?”

MacKenzie joined a Conversation That Matters ( about filling staff shortages with high quality talent from around the world.