Canadian Immigration Summit to explore immigration in a fast-changing world

posted on March 28, 2019

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine |

Immigration is an important driver in a fast-changing world — that idea is the foundation of this year’s Conference Board of Canada’s Canadian Immigration Summit 2019.

Held in Ottawa, on May 8-9, the purpose of the 2019 summit is to explore how Canada can respond proactively to emerging immigration issues in a rapidly changing world.

Changes at home and abroad will disrupt Canada’s future immigration system in ways we cannot currently fathom. For example, how many of us five years ago imagined that a wave of populism would take the world by storm?

With more than 400 delegates, the summit will examine key drivers of economic, social and technological change that could affect our immigration system. Expert speakers will challenge attendees to expand their horizons by testing their underlying assumptions and getting them to think and plan beyond the short-term.

Some of the key issues explored will be

  • Populism: What does Canada need to do to prevent the rise of anti-immigrant populism?
  • Future skills and the changing nature of work: As the economy evolves, how can Canada refine its selection and settlement programs for tomorrow’s labour market?
  • Settlement and technology: How will technological innovations affect the way Canada delivers settlement services?
    Diversity in the workplace: How can employers become more inclusive as the Canadian labour force becomes more diverse?
  • Intergovernmental collaboration: How can our immigration system accommodate the growing role of the provinces, territories and municipalities?
  • Refugee flows: With the global refugee population at an all-time high, what can Canada do to help?
  • Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications: What progress has been made since 2009 and how can we improve further over the next 10 years?
  • Global supply of talent:How can Canada remain a destination of choice for immigrants and international students as other countries offer improved economic opportunity to their citizens and global talent?

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