Canada set to introduce new temporary foreign worker rules: Report

posted on May 16, 2014

By Canadian HR Reporter | Link to Article

By Canadian HR Reporter | Link to Article

TORONTO (Reuters) — Canadian Minister of Employment Jason Kenney is set to bring in at least two new rules for businesses that want to hire temporary foreign workers, including the requirement to pay those workers more, according to a CBC News report.

Kenney will also tie the number of temporary foreign workers a company is allowed to the unemployment rate, said the report from late Thursday on CBC’s website, which did not identify any sources.

The goal is to raise the cost of hiring temporary foreign workers and to make it harder to hire them in regions with higher unemployment, the report said.

Last month, Canada said it would not allow restaurants to hire any more temporary foreign workers until the government completed a review of a program set up as a last resort for employers to fill jobs when no qualified Canadians are available.

At the time, Kenny said the government was considering unspecified reforms of the program to make sure employers recruit and train Canadians for jobs.

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