African-Canadian Immigrant/Banker Writes Novel About Nigerian Professional Couple Striving to Adapt to a New Culture and Workplace in Timely Story ‘Land of Honey’

posted on April 28, 2014

By Virtual–Strategy | Link to Article

By Virtual–Strategy | Link to Article

Nigerian-born author Chinenye Obiajulu engages the current Immigration Reform Debate with a captivating debut novel about the experiences of a newly married, professionally educated Nigerian couple as they emigrate to Canada and face obstacles adapting to a new culture and workplace. She immerses readers in a love story that depicts family, social, and work life in both Nigeria and Canada and includes a glossary of the Nigerian Igbo language for readers interested in the colorful dialect used by characters.

“Immigration Reform is currently being debated in the US, Canada, and the UK, but little desire has been shown to involve new immigrants in solutions,” Obiajulu says. “I want to spread awareness about the true challenges immigrants have to overcome – how immigration affects marriages, families, and careers. And I want to help newcomers see that life in the Western world is not all honey. It can turn sour real quick, but there are ways to fit in, too.”

“Also, the newly-weds in the story are well educated professionals – which is not a picture that comes to mind when people imagine Africa. I want to tell the story of Africa beyond the general stereotypes on TV,” Obiajulu adds.

The story opens in Nigeria. A near-miss armed robbery attack by night makes Zimako decide enough is enough. Even though he and his wife Anuli are successful professionals in Nigeria, they abandon the familiar for safer shores in Edmonton, Canada.