Advancing diversity and inclusion in Canada’s mining sector

posted on December 22, 2020

December 16, 2020

By Mining Association of Canada

While Canada’s mining industry has made progress on inclusion, gender parity and valuing diversity, there is still considerable work to be done.

The Mining Association of Canada’s (MAC) members, which include 45 of Canada’s leading mining companies, agree that there is both the desire and a strong business case to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce. In 2020, over the course of six months, MAC and its members came together to identify and commit to several tangible objectives focused on ensuring discrimination, racism and sexism have no part in the Canada’s mining sector. To that end, MAC has issued a formal statement, that received unanimous approval by MAC’s membership, to work to ensure the Canadian mining workforce reflects the diversity of Canada and the communities where the industry operates and focuses on a culture of belonging and inclusion.

Mining companies are putting this commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion into action. Below is a broad sample of projects that support addressing equity, diversity and inclusion by MAC members and industry partners.

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