A by-the-numbers look at irregular migrants arriving in Canada

posted on September 18, 2018

By Vancouver Sun |

Canada began to experience an influx of irregular migrants in early 2017, when people began crossing into the country through unofficial pathways. Here are some key statistics about how this year’s numbers compare with last year:

3,381: Irregular migrants that arrived in July and August 2018

8,846: Number that arrived in the same period last year

14,125: Irregular migrants since the start of 2018

13,221: Number between January and August 2017

34,713: Irregular migrants since January 2017

4,937: Refugee claims from irregular migrants that have been finalized

24,891: Refugee claims still pending

2,344: Successful refugee claims

1,855: Claims rejected

19.8: Percentage of irregular refugee claims that have been processed

Source: Vancouver Sun
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