8 Things Any CEO Can Do To Advance Diversity And Inclusion Right Now

posted on August 15, 2020

August 11, 2020

By Carmen Morris, Forbes

“I’m sorry” An apology is only as good as actions that take place to correct what has been done wrong! When it comes to workplace inclusion, there is, unfortunately much more work that leadership has to do, to begin to promote and embed diversity.

A diversity and inclusion initiative is defined as a collective of activities that engage with differences in culture, ability and disability, social background, lifestyle, gender and race within the workplace.

In actuality, diversity and inclusion initiatives have failed due to the lack of leadership engagement. Very often, there is an underlying feeling that by enabling others, power is taken away from the individual, particularly when it comes to the racial equality and diversity agenda.

It is the responsibility of leadership to support the advancement of diversity and inclusion, whilst making sure that everyone adds value to the agenda.

With the continued discourse around implementing change around the workplace inequalities around race, here are 8 things a CEO can do to start embedding diversity, inclusion and race equality, authentically.

Preparation Is Key

Just like with any other responsibility that a CEO undertakes, preparation is key. It requires senior leadership to increase understanding around its accountability for diversity and inclusion.

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