5 Practical Tips To Achieve Business Beyond Bias

posted on September 18, 2020

September 15, 2020

Kim Lessley, Forbes

Businesses, governments, the media; everyone is talking about diversity. So how can you ensure your organization is taking the right steps to be more inclusive?

Diversity is a catch-all word, but it covers race, gender, sexual orientation and more. As companies rethink their approach to promoting a diverse workforce and suite of products and services, many wonder if they need a different approach to diversity to really make an impact.

Diversity is more than a buzzword in business – it directly impacts profit margins. Yes, you heard that right: the more diverse an organization’s workforce is, the better it will perform.

In fact, Boston Consulting Group found that businesses with diverse management teams recorded 19% higher revenue, thanks to innovation. So improving diversity is not only the right thing to do, it is also the best business strategy when it comes to hiring and workforce management.

But diversity without inclusion is not enough. Organizations need to create an inclusive culture where diversity is embraced and where each person feels welcome, respected and valued.

Rethinking diversity efforts can overwhelm companies that want to move toward being a business beyond bias. Past efforts might have made an impact on gender demographics, but now is the time to ensure you have a plan to boost other underrepresented groups.

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