News July, 2017

Indian-born Nazreena Anwar-Travas on finding herself in Canada

By Canadian Immigrant Magazine | On the second day of June in the year 2011, a WestJet airplane began its descent to Calgary, oblivious that a worried immigrant onboard (me) was looking at the landscape below warily. An immigrant who had left behind a well-paying job, her home, her family and everything behind just because … Continued

Mid-Summer Provincial Nominee Program Update

By Canadian Immigration Newsletter | From coast to coast, Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) continue to allow workers, graduates, entrepreneurs, and their families with a pathway to Canada. The first half of the summer has seen plenty of activity, particularly from Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta.

Quebec City Muslims want a separate cemetery but are meeting resistance

By Alan Freeman, Washington Post | When a gunman killed six members of a Quebec City mosque in January, five of the victims, all of them immigrants to Canada, were sent to their countries of origin for burial. Only one was buried in Canada, at a Muslim-run cemetery near Montreal, three hours away.

Immigrant author Dirk McLean releases new children’s book

By Kaitlin Jingco, Canadian Immigrant Magazine | Following the release of refugee soccer story Team Fugee last May, Toronto-based author Dirk McLean will be releasing a sequel, Tournament Fugee, later this summer. Readers can follow 13-year-old Syrian refugee Victor Bayazid, whom they met in Team Fugee, as he embarks on new personal and athletic adventures.