News November, 2014

The heritage battle for Chinatown

By John MaCkie, Vancouver Sun | Link to Article Historic Vancouver neighbourhood is being redeveloped, raising fears it will lose its character The marketing line for the Keefer Block condo development in Chinatown is “Heritage Meets Modern.”

Canada Needs to Walk the Talk on Multiculturalism

By David Langtry | Link to Article Is ethnic discrimination alive and well in Canada? Not according to a new CBC poll published this week in which 75 per cent of respondents say Canada is “a welcoming place for all ethnicities.”

Nominations are Open for Best Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Immigrant entrepreneurs who have started a successful business in BC, have the opportunity to be recognized as the Best Immigrant Entrepreneur, as part of the Small Business BC Awards. Nominations and voting are open to November 30, 2014, and are accepted by both the business owners themselves and third-party nominations.