Promoting Your Organization’s Commitment to Cultural Diversity

  • Why Mentoring – Videos 
  • IEC BC mentoring program – Click here
  • Encouraging the creation of affinity groups is a popular way to foster organizational inclusiveness (page 35) – Click here
  • Cultural Transitions – What Works: Career-Building Strategies for People from Diverse Groups – Click here(page 3)
  • Best Practice: 3M Uses Language Game to Build Cultural Competence – Click here
  • The Chief Diversity Officer Today: Inclusion Gets Down to Business – Click here
  • First Peoples: A Guide for Newcomers – Click here This guide provides information about the rich culture, diverse history, and experiences of Canada’s First Peoples designed to build greater understanding between non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal communities.
  • Create the specialist, Internationally-Trained Professionals role within the HR department to oversee and develop initiatives for new Canadians in the company